Monday, February 1, 2016

I need to start

Maybe I need to start write again. Maybe someday, I could read it back, my hard times. Maybe my children can read it.

I dont know where to start. Dah lebih dari seminggu dari hari aku dihukum "gagal sekali lagi" dalam hidup ini. I dont know dekat mane silapnye. Phrase "nothing much to be corrected" dari examiner masih lagi bermain di kepale. Masih lagi tidak boleh menerima alasan dari pihak fakulti "We think that if we give you another semester, then maybe you can give a better thesis.". Anyway, aku terima keputusan itu. Aku redha. But, khamis lepas SV aku ade call, die ckp die baru keluar meeting. Die xbleh reveal bnyk sangat, but he need me to ready with my correction and wait for KPP to call. I dont like it, I dont like when people give me hope. Thats whats happened, Ive been waiting since then, nothing from KPP until now. Aku rase aku perlu move on and terima apa yang telah ditakdirkan.

I keep motivate myself and try not to give up. The quotes I get today is really deep, "Dont let them to call you a QUITTER!"